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Is Google moving away from C++?

C++ has been a popular language for big software projects for a long time, with Google being one of its major users. Recently, however, there has been speculation that Google may be transitioning away from C++ as its primary language. To examine the evidence for this hypothesis, we will examine the focus on new languages such as Go and Dart, the lack of emphasis on C++ in job postings, and the decreasing use of C++ in internal development.

Google has invested heavily in the development of Go and Dart, and they are now widely used in many of Google’s products and services. In addition, Google has also been investing in other languages such as Java, Python, and JavaScript, which are being used in place of C++ in many projects. Job postings have also been focusing less on C++, and several Google engineers have noted that the company is transitioning away from it. Lastly, Google has released tools and libraries to make it easier to use C++ in projects.

Despite the evidence of a move away from C++, some arguments can be made against it. C++ is still used in many Google products and services, and Google has continued to invest in its development. The company has also been hiring engineers with C++ experience, which indicates that C++ is still important to Google. Based on the evidence presented, it appears that Google is transitioning away from C++ as its primary language, but it is still investing in and using the language.

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